Buying plastic waste

Twende Green Ecocycle is an environmental organization based in Mombasa, Kenya that aims to tackle the issue of marine plastic waste. We have developed a program to purchase plastic waste from individual plastic collectors, community-based organizations, and plastic waste collecting companies.

We recognize that informal settlements in the area are a key source of marine plastic waste due to the lack of access to basic services such as waste management. Therefore, we have established collection points within these communities where plastic waste can be properly disposed of. In exchange for the waste, residents receive small amounts of money or other incentives.

Once we purchase the plastic waste, it is sorted and processed by Twende Green Ecocycle. Some of the waste is recycled into new products, while the remainder is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

By purchasing plastic waste from these communities, we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, which can have serious negative impacts on marine life and ecosystems. Additionally, by providing incentives for residents to properly dispose of their waste, we are promoting awareness and behavior change around waste management practices.