Manufacture of high-quality and durable school eco-desks and lockers

Twende Green Ecocycle is a Mombasa-based plastic waste recycling company that recycles marine plastic waste from informal settlements into high-quality school eco-desks. The company’s mission is to address the marine plastic waste problem in Kenya while also contributing to education development by providing affordable and durable school furniture. The company targets primary and secondary schools in Mombasa and partners with NGOs and the county government to expand its reach and impact.

The company’s main competitors are traditional furniture manufacturers that use wood and metal. However, Twende Green Ecocycle’s products are unique, as they use marine plastic waste to create eco-friendly and affordable school furniture. The company’s operations start with collecting marine plastic waste, sorting, cleaning, and processing it in the recycling facility, then manufacturing customized school desks and lockers using the recycled plastic. The management team includes experienced professionals in waste management, manufacturing, and social entrepreneurship. The company’s financial projections for the next five years show