Faraj Ramadhan

Faraj Ramadhan

Chief Financial Officer

Faraj Ramadhan is a highly skilled individual with a diverse range of interests and expertise. He studied Computer Maintenance Technology, which involves both hardware and software, giving him a strong foundation in the field.

In addition to his technical skills, Faraj is also passionate about environmental conservation and is a social entrepreneur.

One of Faraj’s defining characteristics is his go-getter mentality. He is always seeking out new opportunities and challenges, and is not afraid to take risks. He is also deeply committed to leadership and community engagement activities, and has a selfless passion for making a positive impact in his community.

Faraj’s desire to see change is another key aspect of his character. He is dedicated to creating a better world, and is constantly seeking ways to make a meaningful difference. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious, and he inspires others to join him in his efforts.

Faraj Ramadhan is a dynamic individual with a unique combination of technical expertise, social consciousness, and entrepreneurial spirit. His commitment to leadership and community engagement, as well as his passion for making a positive impact, make him a valuable asset to any team.


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